Monday, November 5, 2012

The Vote

I have living in Chile for about eleven years so I never vote. The old law not allow me to vote because I must to have 21 years old and five years of residence in Chile. I fulfil the last requirement but for the last elections of president I wasn’t 21 years old. One of my duties as Argentina is that I can vote at the Embassy of Argentina to the presidential elections, when Cristina Kirchner won. In this opportunity I didn’t vote because I’m out from politics of my country, I don’t know well about the reality day by day.
For this election I was offended with my father because I could vote but he never told me. We discussed and he was convinced he told me about the change of the law. This new law
register us automatically in the base of dates. So I didn’t participate even I never checked if I was table vowel. Miserably, I’m part of this 60% of people who didn’t participate. Actually, I think is very important that everyone vote to be part of democracy of the country. Anyway, I can understand some of people who don’t participated. From what I’ve heard, for example my brother, he didn’t vote because he doesn’t believe in the system. He said that all the politics are part of the same. The political parties don’t matter because all are corrupt. Many people say that the changes must be in different ways and “not provide voting”. 


  1. It seems like a lot of people is believing now, that "something" should change to make possible a new way of democracy and representation.

  2. I'm one of the persons that think that the way to change the things not is the vote... I'm surprised for the interest that you have to take part of the political life of Chile, although you have many years in This country...

  3. Hi Luciana Please ask me if I can help with the translation. Table vowel is rather unclear. You could explain the duty of the person next time.