Monday, September 24, 2012

National celebration

I’m not chilean but I celebrate Fiestas Patrias. I think is great because the celebration is in spring so available you to do outdoors activities. The first years I have been living in Chile, I’m surprised for the two free days to celebrate the independence of the country! Well, this year, I’ve the most traditional 18. I really appreciate customs so I’m open-mind to learn a lot! The last Sunday, we traveled with my family to Olmué about two hours. Olmué is a valley near Santiago surrounded of mountains very green with tall trees and pure air. Is amazing, I’ve never went before. Really, I love this place and I would like visit again with friends and my boyfriend. One of the many beautiful things is has, is a huge hill called “Bell’s hill”. One morning we went with my father and brother trekking around national park “The bell”. We walked two hours enjoying the nature of the rainforest. This is the place I want to come back because it has a great camping. If you stay there, you can go trekking to the summit of the Bell’s Hill. The first two days my father cooked barbecue while I was learning to dance Cueca. My father’s girlfriend is Chilean so she taught us because we don’t know how to dance! It was funny; an Argentinean family dancing Cueca. Then, my father danced with his girlfriend in a Fonda! During the day, we visited the town and we went through the handcraft market. Also we enjoyed swimming pool of the residential complex. I spend my free time reading and sharing with my family. I recommend you to visit Olmué!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I meet Antonia when we are adolescent. She was a year older than me and then she repeated in school so we started to know us in the class. In this time, she had blonde and large hair and me too. Nowadays, her hair is short and always she was changing their look. I remember she talked as a Mexican person because she had been living there, at the same time Antonia bothered me because I spoke as an Argentinean. One of the things that surprise me of her personality is the way to be scatterbrain and crazy. So, with her extrovert attitude, we started to be friends. We shared great moments when we were in the school. Later, we met in another places and made panoramas. I remember when I always went to her house to watched goods movies. Antonia loves the cinema, she started studying the carrier in Santiago but then she left. Now, she’s living with her girlfriend in Paris, France since two years. I envy her! Antonia always travel to many parts of the world because she likes to experience another culture and met interesting people. Really, I love travel so I wish to make a trip with her. (And I think Antonia too). I have to say that we have different personalities, but with share listening music, talking about books, travelling, and most of all, laughing. We have the same sense of humor! The last thing I could say, is that we are close friend and we know each other. In this moment, I’m so happy because she arrives to Chile the next week. I miss my friend so much!

Monday, September 3, 2012

FIRST TERM Before the vacations, I have to back to the reality, so the first months of the semester is an adaptation on my life. Every new year, I write 12 wishes that I want to realized, and the most of this wishes is a positive proposition that had relation to the energy I’ll gave to me and to others to the rest of the year. So, I started motivating myself to enjoy every little thing that I’ll experience in my life. I started doing Yoga, twice a week, for the health of my body and at the same time to have moments of meditations necessary for my mind and emotions. The university started differently this year because I have subjects more connected to the career, a mean, the first two years, I studied general topics like Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, etc. Therefore, I have learned about the five perspectives of Psychologist; clinical, educational, community, legal and organizational. This time is important to started deciding in which field I’ll going to choose for my specialization. However, month by month I became stressed, tired, some strange. I had an excess of subjects, so I had to organize my time in a perfect way if I want to do anything else. However, I found great moments to recharge energy and never stop learning. One of the activities that gave me a sunrise was too shared with my friends and my family.