Monday, October 29, 2012

A greatest Chilean

Chile has a lot of important people that is recognized in countries around the world instead in Chile.
One time, I studied a great Chilean author during the career. I was studying the way that we approach the reality and how we know it. I recently know about Humberto Maturana. He is a Chilean biologist and philosopher. Maturana studied in this university (of Chile), he won the national science natural in 1994 and creates a theory of biology cognition. This discipline explains that the organisms have close systems with a predetermined structure (biology). Maturana is known for developing a theory of autopoiesis about the nature of reflexive feedback control in living systems. I find attractive the development of Maturana given that he makes a combination between culture and biology of existence of humans beings. In the middle of a culture dominated by the rationalization, he recovers the emotions that determinate the culture: the love. The living of humans beings are created in the relationships based of love. This dynamic holds the acceptation of others that results of life together and the constitution of language, an essential element of our lives.
One of the books I read is called “The tree of knowledge”. I love that because is the only book I read (for university) that have draws (painted by him) of animals, many schemes and charts that makes the book more interactive.


  1. Interesting! I think in the near future I will read that book =)

  2. Maturana is a nice guy, and also was funny watch him in "tolerancia cero", the last week hahah.