Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Definitly one of my hobbies is taking photographies. In fact I said in the third post that my favourite piece of tecnologhy is my digital camera Nikon. I have many albumns of differents trips and nice situations with friends and family. I choose an album and today I'm today I'm going to tell you a photo that I like.
This photo was taken by my boyfriend when we was on a trip in Brasil, in January, 2011. We were camping on an island that had about ten differents beaches. Everyday, we always walked at many beaches and almost the days were sunny. In the morning of day that my boyfriend took the photo, it was hot and sunny. The beach looked clear, the sand was yellow and the sea was transparent and blue. We walked one hour, and suddendly the sun disappeared. This photo shows the black sky full of clouds and a bleak landscape, an unusual sight that we don't usually see from a beach in Brazil. At that moment, I had the feeling I was walking towards the storm like a horror movie. I felt the wind, I heared thunders and I saw beams and peals of thunder in the sky.
I think this photo is special beacuse we usually imagine and island with paradise beaches, but in Brasil there is a tropical climate that sometimes change.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

POST 4: Animals and Pets

My parents hate animals! When I was a child, I wanted a pet but they always said no when I begged them to have a little dog or a cat. When we were living in Argentina, my uncle gave to my brother a guinea pig (called Jaime) wich in spanish is called "cobayo". Guinea pig is an animal like a hamster. But Jaime didn't bit like them, instead he was calm. He lived in my garden's house without cage and he ate vegetables, I remember he prefered carrots and lettuce. Guinea pigs usually live for four years however Jaime lived seven years! It was incredible. Jaime was in particular lovely, he was different. He was the last pet that I have in my life. 

Now, I tell my father if we could have a little cat , but he can't stand cats. He always say me "when you'll  live alone, you'll have a pet". Many friends have nice dogs and sometimes I share and play with them. In fact, I think dogs are a very good company for humans and also for children. 

So, finally, I disagree with people to have any animals as a pet, for example, to have birds or a snake inside a cage. In the same way, the zoo keep away animals from their natural environment and their free way of living.