Friday, August 31, 2012

Santiago I lived in Buenos Aires until my elevens.Then I come to Santiago and the first glance it looks really quiet compared to Buenos Aires. With the years Santiago has changed, grew up and today is a big cosmopolitan city. Nevertheless has many fields to improve yet. For example on fall winter there's a lot of pollution, both air and acoustic. I'm surprisedon the size of the population in Santiago today, and how plenty of people spend there weekend on mall. These are issues well compesated by the enormous advantaje that the city offers. People is very polite and respectfull, a wide range os services work well, and finally, as I said before, every day there is more places for the culture and people. If I know a visitor I'll give him the following tips:san cristobal's hill to enjoy the nature,bellavista to go clubing and try taste local food. Also, he or she must know thesantiago downtown like bellas artes, lastarria, barrio yungay.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is an interesting and polemic case. The creator of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is a person who wants to show the truth about events that are very important in political context, specifically in violation of human rights that happens in governments of different countries. An example of that is the government of USA. In fact, Wikileaks published an official video that showed the U.S military killing eleven Iraqis. Everyone knows leaking secret documents is illegal, but the contents of these documents were illegal too, and I think this is terrible. I consider Julian Assange is guilty because he leaks tops secrets; however, I believe he has the tools to make justice in our world fighting against the power of politicians.    
To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s ok about the political asylum in Ecuador. Definitely, the government of Ecuador wants to help and praises the immoral facts of politicians. What if I know is that the political asylum is an essential human right and its parts of the international human rights. Therefore, Ecuador can do that. I think this case is something that comes to us all and I don’t know will end up. If I have the opportunity to make a question to Assange, I’ll ask him: Why do you are interested to publish secret documents and how do you found it?
I think the last time, different government have been investigating the case to accuses Assange guilty and pronounce sentence.